Compensation Surveys

Public Sector Compensation Survey

Major counties and large cities in Minnesota participated in this study. The report includes 170 jobs spanning entry-level to top executive positions and department heads. In addition to the survey, we can provide custom cuts from this survey with select organizations based on your selected peer group. Results are published in the Fall each year.

Custom Compensation Survey


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Custom surveys are typically conducted to meet the specific needs of organizations for compensation and policy information that is not readily available. Other reasons for conducting a custom survey:

  • Unique and critical jobs that are not widely surveyed in the marketplace
  • Specific industry jobs
  • Low participation in surveys available in the marketplace
  • Desire to survey a specific peer group of companies with a certain profile who compete for the same talent
  • Fast turnaround for fresh or new information on specific issues


For questions on our surveys, please call Keystone Compensation Group at: 612.810.3522 or send us an email message.


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